Week 2 #JCSummerSchool

Week two of JC Summer School sure did not disappoint. Students, teachers, and faculty/staff all continue to work hard to create the ultimate learning environment for students.  

Some of the activities this week included:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Fluency
  • Phonics/Word Study
  • Guided Writing
  • Grammar
  • Math Fluency
  • Adding/Subtracting/Multiplication/Division
  • Problem Solving
  • Frequency
  • Plotting Coordinates
  • Distance Measurement
  • Comparison of Numbers
  • Maximum & Minimum
  • Median & Mean

A huge thanks to Mrs. Jessica Mullins for providing another fantastic week of enrichment activities. This week's theme was "Fun-gineers."

Students collaborated with classmates to design a Hexbug maze. Students planned, constructed, and problem solved. "Fun-gineer" week would not be complete without a Lego challenge. Students used the engineering design process to build using their imaginations. JC Summer School students designed a marble run using pool noodles, tape, and marbles. They learned about slope and gravity. Teachers used snap circuit boards to introduce electricity, electronics, and fundamentals behind circuitry. Cross-curricular learning at its best at JC Summer School!