Mike Whitaker

Mike Whitaker, Johnson County Schools, recently earned a macOS Support Essentials Certification.  Obtaining this advanced industry certification helped the school district earn $ 76,869 of computers as a Participating Partner in the Dataseam Program.

“Johnson County students and teachers rely heavily on computers and digital devices in the classroom everyday,” according to Mike Whitaker.  “Keeping up to date on networking, application software and enterprise-level systems deployment and support helps support a better learning environment in our schools.”

Johnson County receives computers, technical and education training, as well as student college scholarships and other benefits as part of the Dataseam Program.  Dataseam has provided Kentucky schools over 26,000 computers and trained over 8,000 educators and technicians.  Because of this effort Kentucky has the largest number of Apple System Engineers per capita in the United States.

“The education sector is one of Kentucky’s largest employers and one of its largest consumers of technology.  We don’t always think of education as an industry segment but these technology professionals employed in Kentucky’s K-12 schools are part of the Commonwealth’s next-generation workforce,” said Brian Gupton, Dataseam CEO.

Dataseam built and manages one of the most powerful high-performance computing environments in the world.  Kentucky K-12 school districts and 3 universities across the state work with Dataseam to enhance education, research and economic development in Kentucky.  KY Dataseam

Johnson County School District serves 3,765 students in K-12 grades in 11 schools.  When not being used by students, the computers lend their computing power to the DataseamGrid which runs advanced cancer drug discovery efforts for the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

At the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center, researchers and physician scientists work to create new and more effective approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, delivering the most advanced treatments to cancer patients with compassion and respect.  Brown Cancer Center