Johnson County Schools is off to an outstanding start!  This week JC Schools has successfully integrated Clever without cost to the district.  Already there have been over 8,000 applications launched by students and 800 from teachers.  Clever syncs with Infinite Campus; therefore, once faculty and students are enrolled the information syncs with Clever.  Additionally, many applications support auto rostering. Watch Clever in action! A big thanks to Mrs. Jessica Adams, Mrs. Wendy Davis, and Mrs. Sabrina O’Bryan.  

The Clever teacher portal allows teachers to launch an application for an entire class with a touch of a button.  Teachers also have the ability to push an application to a class. Teachers can view who is currently signed in Clever.  Teachers can assist an individual by voiding a lost badge, providing a temporary pin number, or printing a new badge.  

Elementary students will sign in Clever using a digital badge.  Middle and high school students will use their email. Students need to practice accessing Clever and applications at home on a regular basis.  Please discuss using Google Chrome and installing the Clever extension with students and parents.

At this time Accelerated Reading, Edmentum, STEMscopes, Pearson Easy Bridge, CS First,, Google, Google Classroom, Study Island, Khan Academy, and Nearpod are all accessible through Clever.  (Programs highlighted in red include auto rostering.) Users will see an application dashboard upon signing in Clever.  Dashboards may look different depending on your assigned role. Teachers have their own Clever page. This page allows teachers to install apps for their classroom.  If you decide to add programs such as Accelerated Reading inside your class page make certain you link the Johnson County Accelerated Reading link. This will also be the case with IXL and other applications.  Remember to review all applications carefully. Read the privacy policy to make certain they are COPPA and FERPA compliant. Please review the list of Student Privacy Signatories. If you wish to use an application that is not included in the Student Privacy Signatories please submit the application to JC Technology Department for review.  

Note:  We are currently finalizing the IXL purchase agreement.  We anticipate IXL to be working by the end of next week.  

There are two ways that elementary students can access Clever from school. 


  • Using a Chromebook select “Add a Person”

  • Clever and the camera automatically open

  • Select the blue Clever icon on the right-hand side of the screen 

All Schools & Staff

  • Go to the Johnson County Schools webpage

  • Select menu

  • Select Clever

  • Select either the digital badge or Google (teachers must use Google)

  • If you are planning on using Pearson Easybridge open Google and then Pearson

(Pearson Easybridge is also available in the Google apps launcher.)

Programs have been reset so students will not use any old username and passwords for programs such as AR, Exact Path, or Stemscopes.  Teachers can use the same AR sign-in credentials. New accounts have been created for Exact Path and STEMscopes for students and teachers.

Attached is a list of known issues and troubleshooting for Clever.  If you have issues and solutions please add to the Clever Troubleshooting Document.


Nearpod is a dynamic instructional tool that can be used with the whole group, small group, or individually.  There are hundreds of lessons in the Nearpod library. You can also create your own lessons. Bring Google Slides to life right from Slides by installing the Nearpod extension!  Nearpod is perfect for NTI Days and substitute plans. A huge thanks to Superintendent Cochran for purchasing Nearpod for elementary and middle school. If you are a high school teacher who is interested in Nearpod message the JC Tech Team.  

Remember to share all the exciting events in your classroom and school.  If you make a personal post please share on Thrillshare as well!  This connects the greatness to your school and district!  Let’s all get connected on Twitter. Create a Twitter account for educational purposes.   Add your Twitter handle to the attached document and connect with colleagues.  Twitter is also a powerful professional learning network! JC Schools have weekly Thrillshare contests.  Will you be the next Thrillshare Post of the Week winner?  

The JC Technology Department is here to remove barriers for all stakeholders.   Contact us with your technology needs. We look forward to an outstanding school year! 

JC Technology Team